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Pool Repair Services

A Unique Pool Service

Using techniques gained from the North Sea commercial driving industries, Universal Pool Services is able to solve the majority of pool repair problems by working underwater, eliminating the need to drain the pool. This has major advantages over conventional methods and offers significant benefits to pool and leisure centre managers.

Dramatic Savings and Resource Conservation

Cost savings in the order of 80% can be expected compared with the full costs of conventional working. This is especially welcome today with competitive tendering and continual water shortages. Work carried out in the pool by conventional methods involves the cost of draining, refilling and reheating the pool and adding fresh chemicals. Income is lost and customers inconvenienced while the pool is closed. Universal Pool Services' solution eliminates the need to close your pool and incur extra costs and lost resources. The cost of the work carried out is the total cost.

Pool Remains Fully Operational

All UPS Universal Pool Services' repair and installation contracts are carried out overnight and our personnel ensure that the pool is clean, safe and ready for customer use at the start of the next day. No disruption to customer, no loss of water, and no loss of income.

Comparison between conventional and underwater working costs

In situations where it is appropriate to work underwater, very significant savings can be made. The costings shown below here are actual examples taken from our records, which itemise in detail the substantial savings that can be achieve by using our unique specialist under repair service.

Conventional Method

It is essential to take into consideration the full costs which include -

  • The total cost of draining, refilling and reheating the pool water, including the high cost of chemicals and energy involved.
  • The loss of income whilst the pool is closed.
  • The public inconvenience and possible loss of customers to your competitors.
  • The cost of staff salaries and wages for the duration of the closure.

Universal Pool Services Method

By working underwater, the pool remains full and totally operational throughout the repair period. There is no subsequent loss of water balance. The only cost incurred is that for the work to be completed. Further details can be obtained by requesting our cost analysis information sheet.

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