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About Us

Professional Divers and Insurances

Working to very exacting standards underwater demands a high level of disciplined teamwork, professionalism and equipment. Universal Pool Services fulfils these rigorous requirements admirably.

As well as being experienced tradesmen, all Universal Pool Services underwater diving personnel are professional divers and registered with the Health and Safety Executive as required by law, in order to carry out work underwater (reference: HSE 1981/ Amended 1997 (DWR) Diving Operations and regulations.

The company also carries all the relevant insurances needed for working with both Local Authorities and the private sector. Where required, all UPS Universal Pool Services equipment and materials conform to the relevant British Standard.

Quality You Can Rely On

Increasingly, Pool and Leisure Centre Managers are achieving BS5750 with regard to duality of service. You can be confident that UPS will consistently deliver work to such high standards and on completion of all underwater projects will supply a photographic report for your inspection and approval.

Did You Know?

That it is a legal requirement to ensure that all underwater repairs to your pool and other water filled associated areas, should be carried out only by fully professional divers registered with the Health and Safety Executive. Failure to comply with HSE 1981 / Amended 1997 Diving Operations and Regulations may result in fines in excess of £10,000 being imposed.


Safety is a top priority for Universal Pool Services in all its pool and Poolside activities, most especially for future clients who will use your pool.

It is important that managers are confident in the contractor's workmanship, professional procedures and quality of products used, to achieve a durable, safe and attractive finish. UPS Universal Pool Services professionalism and years of experience ensure that your confidence will not be misplaced.

For replacement or refurbishment projects, Universal Pool Services can supply a range of ultra-safe products, available in high performance plastic and stainless steel.

The range includes deck level gratings, step assemblies, inlet diffusers and bench seating.

What Next?

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