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London Borough of Newham have been using UPS for the last 15 years, this in itself speaks volumes for the company. We have repeated business with the company for a number of reasons, excellent workmanship, cost effective and above all else trust. There are occasions when UPS operatives are left in facilities overnight to carry out works, this has been without onsite supervision, as an authority we are comfortable with UPS working under these conditions as their operatives can be trusted to carry out works in good faith. I would have no hesitation in recommending UPS to any local authority or private company.

           Mark Seltzer, Facilities Manager, London Borough of Newham

Over a period of about 20 years the University of Liverpool's - Sport Liverpool department has employed UPS to carry out a range of basic remedial tile repairs and minor maintenance. In keeping with University procurement protocols, alternative companies have been sourced during this time, none however, have managed meet UPS's reliability, cost competitiveness, professional advice, back-up service, action response times and standards of workmanship. Staff at all levels within the company are a genuine pleasure to work with, from general administration to Director, they all apply no problem and hands-on approach to matters in order to get the job done, while fulfilling and often exceeding client expectations. This testimony was tested to the nth degree, when UPS were recently commissioned to conduct major refurbishment works forming part of £2 million redevelopment project, involving complex and unique infra-structure, but came through with flying colours and the highest possible recommendation.

           Pete Sampara Sports Operations Manager University of Liverpool

We have been working with UPS for over 5 years now, They have always been great at getting tiling engineers and divers to site to deal with emergency repairs, The Office staff are always quick to make the arrangements and the lads are ready at all hours of the day to respond.

           Braintree District Council